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Admissions at Phoenix World School are open for the academic year 2019 - 20 and allocation of seats are subject to availability of seats. Right to admission is reserved and subject to the decision of PWS management.

Being the one of the most recognized schools in Pune, the number of seats are limited, the admissions process is completely transparent and on the basis of merit. Therefore, minimum age for admission is on a discretionary basis. Children are evaluated at the time of application for the program applied to, and based on this evaluation, admission is confirmed.

Parents can view the admission form as reference for enrolment in Phoenix World School by link below.

A student will maintain personal attire and grooming standards that promote safety, health, and acceptable standards of social conduct, and are not disruptive to the educational environment. Seeking our positions as the best CBSE School in Pune, we consider it an important concern.

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At Phoenix World School, we consider the importance of education for every student who desires it. Admissions are opened for every new academic session so that we could have some new bright students who take forward our goal to emerge as the best CBSE School in Pune and also continue with their personal development. Admissions for session 2019-20 are open too. All the seats would be allocated based on availability. The right to education being reserved and decision making being in the hands of PWS Management, there are several other factors that determine whether admissions would granted or not.

Admissions are available for limited number of seats hence the admission process is conducted fairly with utmost concern for transparency. The decisions for admission would be based on merit. Also, the minimum age for admission is a discretionary issue. Depending on what grade they have applied for, the eligible applicants may have to appear for probable tests. The evaluation of applicants during application is considered and this evaluation will further determine the results.

Commencement of the Academic year

Like any usual scholastic schedules in India, the new academic session every year commences in the month of June. The required evaluation and procedures for admission are therefore to be completed by May. When you’re seeking right education for your children, you may fill up their forms online soon. Since there would be limited seats available for education, it is suggestible to register your child’s name within time. Students would be allowed to attend schools once all documents have been signed and submitted and dues are cleared. You may check out the play school fees details.

Orientation Program

Understanding a new place before you could settle yourself there is important. Considering this, we organize an orientation program for parents and students who’d be new joiners at Phoenix World School. The orientation is conducted with a view to let the parents and teachers know each other. Also, it helps them to explore the rules and regulations that need to be followed in the premises so that they could start preparing children in advance to arrive confidently to the place.

Interaction between Teachers and Parents

To ensure that a student’s performance and growth proceeds well, it is important that teachers and parents stay in contact and keep track of their activities both at home and school. In order to keep up with all essential aspects of a student’s education and growth, parents are suggested to stay in contact with the teachers on regular basis.

To avoid breakages in this communication, a communication booklet is also allocated to keep things and events recorded. The booklet makes it easier for parents and teachers to communicate problems regarding the student and also share appropriate solutions for the same.

School Uniform

When in school premises, students are expected to arrive in well-maintained personal attire and grooming standards that are healthy and safe and in no ways disruptive for educational standards that are followed.

There are several other elements that need to be considered to get the admission procedures completed correctly. This also includes the CBSE school fees and other charges that you may need to tackle.

  • Admission for higher classes is possible only when there are vacancies available.
  • For classes above standard III, there would be entrance test for Mathematics, Science and English.
  • In case of students arriving from different states, transfer certificates are to be counter signed by considerable authorities.
  • The child would be admitted to the class suggested in the transfer certificate.
  • There are no provisions that require publishing any reasons for the rejection of an application.
  • The admission would be confirmed only when all required documents have been submitted and signed duly.

Although we make the admission procedures absolutely easy for you; it would be important to follow some essential rules.

Understanding the fee structure

It is quite certain that you will have to know the fee structure well. Clarifying dues is important with regards to continuation of the student’s ability to appear for respective evaluations and examinations for corresponding sessions. Our fee structure is determined according to other CBSE school fees in Pune. Also, probable hike or changes are made with a view to improving the facilities we offer at our institution. There are also scholarship plans that could help students who desire to learn and excel in their areas of interest. Although, there we do not guarantee scholarships for all, we always make sure to implement this for the best in our lists.

To make education accessible to all students, we come up with the most reliable fee structures. You may also check and compare other CBSE school fees structure in Pune and still find us more reliable in terms of facilities and quality of education that we provide. Contact the school office for further details and arrive for admissions on time.