Dear Parents,

At the very outset, I thank you for considering Phoenix World School for your dear child. Choosing the right school is a task itself. It is said that “well begun is half done” and same is applicable in making the right choice of a school.

India, in the past was a world leader in many areas including Education, Culture, Agriculture, Medicine, Trade & commerce and so on. We, the team at Phoenix, believe that India holds the ability to lead the world once again because we have the highest number of young people than any other country. Next generations are expected to just do that. But for that we need to provide students with the blend of traditional and rational education. We also need to cater for the needs from outside the syllabus.
“Nothing is permanent in the universe except change“. The field of education also is not an exception to it. We believe that the needs of every child are different because everyone is unique, and the needs of every decade in general and every year/month in particular are different. The geographical and social needs in the field of education also vary a lot. The Phoenix Research Team would be taking care of these facts and constantly developing the Phoenix Supplement to empower the regular board syllabus.

Our Mantra for every PHOENIXIAN is

  • Sufficiently Sound - ACADEMICS

  • Supple and Strong - PHYSIQUE

  • Calm and Curious - MIND

  • Pure and Pious - SOUL

  • Positive and Proactive - ATTITUDE

  • Blend of Indian Tradition and Global - VALUES

  • Winning and Worthy - HABITS

To sum up, we expect a student who is a good citizen with strong winning instinct and who can succeed in any corner of the globe.

Helping every student to recognize his/her uniqueness, potential and special talent in him/her is a very vital task. We would be doing that with parents’ initiative and feedback. The state of art infrastructure and stress free atmosphere in the school would definitely help the child to groom well under the guidance of dedicated and committed team of qualified facilitators.

Educating a child is a partnership between parents and the school, built on strong grounds of understanding, discipline and co-operation. We hope to have a strong and lasting partnership with you.

Let me sum up with the Phoenix spirit -

"Never say it’s over, Soar higher and higher, Through your DEEDS, lead and live forever, forever"

Thank you once again.

- Dhanesh Gandhi

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