welcome to Phoenix world school

The Phoenix World School follows the CBSE and IGCSE (Cambridge International Examination) curriculum.

CBSE: The Assessments comprise of Formative and Summative Assessments which involve oral and written tests.
IGCSE: As per standards set by Cambridge International Examination.

Develop a Passion for learning.If you do, you’ll never cease to grow.

-Anthony. D’ Angelo

Phoenix World School is all about instilling this zeal to learn.

The Phoenix Management visualized a school that not only offers State-of art 6 acres of infrastructure but would also provide an environment conducive to learning, bearing in mind the uniqueness of each child and his talents. The architecture and design of Phoenix World School is developed, keeping in mind the dynamic needs of our next generations.

With the ever changing and evolving education scenario, Phoenix World School aims at building overall personality and instilling 21st century skills needed to sustain in the current environment.


Every child is unique and deserves love and care. Phoenix world school is the place where learning is fun and young minds are ignited to gain sublimated knowledge. Every human is curious by nature and wants to know. We would be encouraging students to enquire and ask. If they are made to love to partici-pate in every learning activity in the school, the beginning of learning is properly done. Making students responsible for their task completion is the first step towards becoming responsible citizens and lovable sons/ daughters. The learning process begins when the child is in mother’s womb and continues throughout life. So we need to provide them age appropriate learning tasks so that learning process remains an interesting activity throughout the schooling time. Our research team would be constantly developing the supplementary activities to keep students’ morale high.