School House System

Education with perspective.

The House System is an essential part of school life. It helps inculcate a spirit of cooperation, healthy competition and develop loyalty both to the House and to the School, in the form of Inter House and Intra House Competitions.

The students of Grades 1 to 10 are divided into four Houses which are named after the gemstones - a symbol of hope, purity, and truth.

  • Garnet House ( Red)
  • Emerald House ( Green )
  • Sapphire House ( Blue )
  • Beryl House ( Yellow)

Each House is headed by a Captain, who works under the guidance of House Teachers. To further support the system, there is a prefectoral body which works as a team, building towards leadership and team-spirit.


The motto of the House is ‘ DO ALL THINGS WELL’. Beryl is believed to strengthen belief in the gods. The students learn to build foundations that strengthen bonds of friendship and improve individual effort and team spirit.


The motto of the House is ‘TO LABOUR IS TO PRAY’. Garnet is a stone of regeneration which can boost and revitalize one's energy. Red is a reminder of fire, increases devotion and the ability to see the serious side of life. With this as the guiding force, the students are revitalized to face everyday challenges.


The motto of the House is ‘ LABOUR THROUGH FAITH’. Emerald has been a symbol of protection and wisdom. Students learn that in order to make an ideal a reality, hope and love should be an integral part of their lives. Their obstacles can be overcomed and dreams realized if they labour through faith.


The motto of the House is ‘TO REACH FOR THE STARS’. The sapphire is a symbol of innocence, a bestower of truth and a promoter of good health. The students are committed to excellence as they aspire to achieve their goals and aspirations with fulfillment and joy.

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