By: Tanuja Tiwari

Amazing reasons and strategies of learning self defence for children

Self defence

Uncertainty and unexpected events are the essences of life. You never know what tomorrow brings. However, preparing yourself for those is the smartest decision. Self-defence for kids could be one of the important decisions to make sure a better upbringing for them along with the best educational care. It is vital to make them feel empowered even when you’re not around. When getting such training easily available at school, there could hardly be anything better for them.

Already many children have grown admiring Bruce Lee and other heroic characters, inspiring them to something extraordinary and shine. Self-defence will bring them a sense of self-dependence for their physical protection, boosting their confidence to the next best level.

The significance of Self Defence for Children

Being able to protect oneself from any kind of physical harm is a basic human right and has been assigned to everyone including children. Often overlooked by parents, self-defence is an essential element to be considered during the nourishment of children with values and education as they grow. It will let your children cope well with the bullying epidemic that is very common at schools these days.

Along with the ability to defend themselves tangibly against any physical attacks, self-defence brings about many other additional benefits for their regular lives. Along with the best physical moves, self-defence helps in learning some important core values of life that include concentration, dedication, perseverance and maintaining personal relationships.

self defence for kid

Martial arts could be the best way of injecting self-defence into the lives of your little ones. All those stages of development bring on the opportunities to grab knowledge of several special aspects of life. Also, there would be an array of benefits that could be kept well in their lives. The correct principles of self-defence will always benefit your children.

Reasons to Learn Self Defense in School

There are various activities organized in school but the present era requires children to grow one level faster and keep pace with the advancements around them. Self-defence training could be an essential aspect of this growth process, allowing them to open up to prevailing problems and defending the ones that come their way. Here are some reasons for the importance of self-defence training in schools:

• Street Awareness

With increasing crime and insecurity it’s hard to predict what the next moment brings. Being prepared for any uncertainties could be the best way to tackle issues like this. Children are likely to move to different places and often be alone. During this time, appropriate knowledge of self-defence would help to keep them safe.

Self-defence helps them learn the skill of keeping an eagle’s eye on the events happening in their surroundings and be ready with an appropriate reaction to them. It induces their mental and physical and mental activeness. It also helps in improving their observation skills, since they will have to pay attention to minute details of any event.

• Fight back bullying epidemic at schools

Bullying had been quite common at schools these days. However, it is very important to prepare your children not to be affected by it in anyway. Bullying can turn out to be nightmares. In that case, self-defence for kids may help them fight against anything negative that creates barriers in moving forward. Self-defence training at schools could, therefore, help in simplifying this complex issue.

Bullying had been one of the greatest problems for the development of children. Self-defence could put stopple against children bullying others or being bullied by others. Martial arts could really help children to learn the best ways of addressing such matters in social circles.

Learning for self defence

• Add-up to your child’s knowledge

Knowledge is not just something you find in books but also the one that is acquired from people and events in one’s life. The importance and knowledge of self-defence aren’t worth over-stating. It will let your children learn something new and also acquire utmost discipline needed to carry it.

There are many specific defence techniques and specifics ways of learning them. From learning to executing and knowing the right time and place for their application everything is likely to improve children’s knowledge and help them grow better.

Some Major Self Defense Strategies

Unlike many people think, self-defence is much more than hitting back. In fact, it is hardly anything about striking the other person or hitting them back. It just focuses on making children aware of their surroundings and be ready much before the problem erupts. It also involves realizing gut instincts and moving forth with a confident voice and body language. Here are a few self-defence strategies that can let you have basic know-how of the same:

• Use Confident Body Language

In order to keep away any negative aspects of bullying, you need to make sure that your children move out with healthy self-esteem and present themselves with utmost confidence. Being confident involves maintaining a good posture, making eye contact with people around them and walking forward with a purpose.

On the other hand, averted eyes and slouch postures make the children appear weak and easy targets for bullies. Working on this aspect with your children could help them a lot. Always remind them to keep up their normal body languages even when they are not confident and walk into crowded areas, lunchrooms etc.

• Stay in Groups

Someone who is in a group of friends is less likely to be targeted by bullies. Tell children that it would always be suitable to move places in groups. Especially the bully hot spots in schools should try not to be visited alone. If your child does not have a group of friends, help them to develop a few. Help them learn the art and importance of good friendship. A friend may go a long way to fight back bullies.

• Trust your Gut

Teach your children to keep away their cell phones and be aware of whatever is happening in their surroundings. Find any strange cars on the street, look if there is any rough boys group standing in any corner. Let every event and every move of the people around set alarm bells within their minds.

Being aware of things happening around them and trusting their instincts will help them to stay protected from any unexpected bullying events. Not only as children but these skills will also help them be aware of various acts as adults and stay aware against any adults.

• Focus on Flight not Fight

It happens quite often that kids don’t turn around and walk away when things don’t feel right. Make it clear to them that walking away from events or situations that don’t serve you don’t make you coward. It is something important in fact. Tell them that it takes a lot of courage to move away from escalating situations.

Make them understand the importance of moving away from situations before they slip out of hands and result in something unwanted. Identifying where the situation is taking a new turn and opening doors for something worse will help them avoid any severities further.

self defence training

• Strengthened Voice

If in case a child finds himself in a bullying situation, being assertive and using a confident voice can help in diffusing the situation. This could be one of the easiest self-defence techniques to defend against unfavourable situations.

Bullies are often looking for easy targets. However, a confident, strong voice will cause them to back off from the same. Let your children practice a bit for being assertive and talking in a strong voice at home. This will make them ready to speak well naturally in difficult situations.

• Keep your eyes on the exit

Sometimes kids would find themselves into situations where they find themselves stuck or they could not walk away for some of the other reasons. In that case, teach them to keep looking for an exit or make a break for such a situation to arise. Again, remind them of the fact that running away from a bully is not a sign of cowardliness. In fact, it requires great courage and will keep them safe from any greater problems.

• Grab Attention

Tell your children that it is completely acceptable and encouraged to create a lot of noise when someone tries to hurt or attack or threaten them. Not only using a strong voice but shouting, screaming, yelling anything would be worthy to gather a crowd around. This will help to scare off the bully by inviting attraction of the crowd around especially teachers and adults. It is also helpful when the child is being attacked by a stranger in an attempted abduction. Being quiet and submissive is never a good idea.

• Self Defense Classes

The best thing ever done to your child would be getting them enrolled for self-defence classes. Setting out for things perfectly may be possible when they are learned well. Proper training classes for self-defence will open up possibilities for children to learn several new defence techniques. They will be able to learn to stay confident and build up the quality of self-control.

It’s not exactly about encouraging your children to fight. But much more about encouraging them to fight back against the wrong did to them. There are appropriate techniques for different situations.

Benefits of Self Defense for Children

We had been already discussing the positive effects of self-defence for growing kids. There could however be many more points that can clarify its effectiveness very clearly. Moreover, it comes along with a lot of mental awareness and development along with physical fitness. Being able to protect themselves in all situations, children tend to build a sense of confidence with self-defence. Here are some of the major benefits of self-defence for children:

• Boost Confidence

The greatest advantages of self-defence training could be seen with how it actually makes you feel empowered after learning the best skills. There are in fact a lot of people who take up classes and practice sessions because they are unconfident about being able to protect themselves.

Personal experiences and threats caused due to some news could be some of those reasons. Hearing about the negative events happening around in the society could leave behind a sense of insecurity in minds. Self-defence training will help children build a sense of confidence, subsequently fighting back bullies or any other attacks made to harm them.

• Balance

There are many people who can’t do two different tasks at the same time. For example, consider walking around and chewing gum. Self-defence improves such abilities of the brain and body and makes multitasking easy. Improving balance is not just about physical abilities but also about improving mental focus. Self-defence and karate teach how to focus on your target as you keep up your control on your body. It would be impossible to fight without focus. Gaining balance and body control you will be prepared to fight back even better.

• Brings in Self Discipline

Self Discipline is the only discipline that lasts. It is very important to develop self-discipline to be able to learn, grow and make the best of your self-defence skills. You would need to be motivated and highly dedicated to practising in order to learn well and this is something great for children. Also, continuous practice of the same is very important to acquire better skills over time. Therefore make sure that children attend their classes regularly. Self-defence classes will make self-protection easier and improve awareness of events and people around.

• Improves Physical Conditioning

The major motive of any self-defence classes is to make you ready for any probable harm that would be caused to you. Such awareness and abilities are vital for children. Physical condition is therefore acquired well when it comes to self-defence. Practices and training sessions prepare children for the adrenalin dump they may have to face and let them fight back despite that. Adrenalin dump is your body’s way of responding to terrifying events when someone tries to follow you or harm you.

It lasts just for a few seconds and you will have to return back to the normal state to fight back. Physical conditioning works on your reflexes and prepares them to stay awake and fight back attacks. It is important to keep up both mental and physical focus while you’re fighting. When you’re prepared already, you will be able to fight better and the adrenalin dump won’t take away all your energy from you.

self defence for kid

• Teaches Self Respect

Most of the self-defence practices prevail around trust and self-respect. These practices teach how to respect others and yourself. These are some of the most important values in life. If you can’t respect yourself, you won’t be able to respect others too.

Self-defence is always practised with a partner therefore; these values are absolutely important aspects of learning. It is very important for both the individuals to build up a mutual trust to not hurt each other yet practice perfectly. Without self-respect, it would be difficult to learn any of these.

• Develop a Warrior Spirit

Self-defence for children will help them develop the warrior spirit and keep them well on the track when they back off. Self-defence can prepare well for battles and takes away the sense of giving up. It emphasizes on battles and most importantly survival through those battles. Instead of looking for a secondary location that is safe, they would rather look for fighting the current situation wholeheartedly.

• Helps in developing fighter’s reflexes

During a fight, a movement is powerful. You cannot stand around and wait for the next strike by the one on the front of you. Self-defence training will help them acquire the fighter’s reflexes that are active and bring about an instant reaction to the situation. Training will let you know when and where to throw your punch and act smartly in any situation. It will let you know how to react when you’re being attacked and making things easier.

• Help you set up goals

Self-defence classes help in setting up goals. Children will be required to move along set goals whether it’s about making the right move or letting them feel protected. This will also help in everyday life by allowing them to accomplish set homework or study goals. It helps you come up with a drive that you may have never come up before. Of you take goal setting seriously; you will be able to acquire the best skills.

Unlike various other activities, taking up self-defence classes will bring on a positive impact on your children’s life. Self-defence practices can boost spirits and make kids feel more confident and emerge as better versions of them. It is sometimes important to have things in life that can bring in happiness and create a better world. Self-defence for children is therefore vital in all senses.

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