Phoenix World School

UDISE NO: 27250508641


Dear Parents,

Our vision is to create a happy, caring, stimulating learning environment in which students and their teachers recognize and develop the students’ fullest potential in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. It is our sincere endeavor to provide the highest quality education to our students that will equip them with knowledge, skill, personality traits and value systems necessary for them to function effectively in the future as responsible adults and exemplary citizens of the world.

We aspire for our students to cultivate a life-long passion for learning and will step into a world which would be shaped by their dreams and contributions, and bettered by their zeal and integrity.

It is the aim of Phoenix World School to provide the best possible education to its students. Our primary aim is to develop integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion, to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bounds of humanism, to help the students to become a meaningful part of their environment and to know that courage and integrity have their due reward.

In the rapidly changing educational scenario, it will be our endeavor to provide children the platforms to develop critical digital and technological skills which will be critical to their careers, in the years to come. The school will work to enhance curriculum in a rigorous manner along with real life experiences and experiential learning so that we can continue to increase students’ attainment and progress. Phoenix World School is well known for its accolades in sports, robotics, environment, art, drama, dance and debating and these provisions for developing diverse skills will continue to enrich the learning experience for all children of the school.

                                                                                                                                                          Thank you once again,
                                                           Shubham Pawar