Phoenix World School

UDISE NO: 27250508641


Transport for students is provided with the aim of providing quality and safe service. All buses have CCTV ,GPRS Tracking System and are air conditioned.

Our support staff on the buses, in their capacity as conductors, will ensure care of the students, as well as assisting with discipline.

Please note that in the event of student disciplinary concerns or issues on the bus, the school is entitled to take disciplinary action where necessary.

Parents are advised to obtain transport fee clearance prior to collection of results and school leaving certificate.


An Identity card will be issued to each student. It is mandatory for students to have the card with them while boarding and de-boarding the bus.

In order to ensure safety of students, a Guardian Card is issued to all students of Grades 6 and below. It is obligatory for the parent to be personally present or to arrange for an authorized person to receive the student, by presenting the Guardian Card at the residence or drop off point.

To ensure their own safety, as well as to avoid problems arising from use of school transport, students should keep in mind the following points :

  • The bus pick up/ drop off point cannot be changed without prior intimation or approval
  • Students must return home by the assigned bus in which they come to school
  •  If any student wants to return home by another bus on a particular day, he must get a note written by the parent in his school diary and have it counter- signed by the Vice- Principal and Admin officer.
  •  On any occasion , if parents/ guardians want to collect their child who normally travels by bus from school, they should do so before 4:00 p.m. after meeting the Vice Principal and Admin Officer. They should not collect their children from the bus parking area with prior approval.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the Bus Behavior Code. A student whose conduct is objectionable and offensive on the bus will , in the first instance, be warned by the Vice Principal . In the absence of any change in conduct, the student may be suspended from using the school transport temporarily or permanently.
  •  Parents are advised to check on the availability of the school bus service before they move to a new locality.