Phoenix World School

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Engage with Our School Clubs

At our school, we believe in the power of extracurricular activities to enrich the student experience and foster personal growth. Our diverse range of clubs provides opportunities for every interest and passion, from STEM to arts and culture, sports, community service, and beyond. Whether you’re interested in robotics, debate, photography, or environmental conservation, there’s a club for you. Joining a club not only allows you to pursue your interests outside the classroom but also offers a chance to develop leadership skills, make new friends, and contribute to our vibrant school community. Explore our clubs, discover your passions, and embark on an unforgettable journey of learning and self-discovery.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Explore our diverse range of school clubs, where students delve into their passions and cultivate skills beyond the classroom. From debate to drama, robotics to art, there’s something for everyone to explore. Joining a club isn’t just about participation; it’s about forging friendships and unlocking your potential in a dynamic, supportive environment. Embrace the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive beyond academics.

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Literary and Creative Skills

The students actively participate in literary and creative skills at school. This skill includes those activities where students get a chance to learn and exhibit his potential when it comes to Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Recitation, Poster Making, Slogan Writing, Theatre etc. After acquiring the skill the student is ready to participate in various inter and intra school competitions.

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Scientific Skills

At PWA students are nurtured and encouraged to develop an independent ideology, optimistic approach, enabling him/her to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Our faculty makes sincere efforts to motivate a child to think critically, analyzing a given situation according to the level of the child. PWA aims to provide a child with a practical and realistic set of skills to increase their personal safety, confidence and ability to communicate and how to assess and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The students take initiative in organizing and participating in technology related events e.g. I.T fairs, competitions etc. and takes keen interest in computer related activities.

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Organizational and Leadership skills

There are different ways of acquiring knowledge. On one side is theory and on the other side is practical application of theory. We believe in ‘Learning by doing’. Experiential learning is thus a part of our curriculum.The students demonstrate the ability to work in teams and actively participate in school clubs.

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Life Skill Education

The students take keen interest in scientific activities and take the initiative to plan, organize and evaluate various science related events.