Building a strong educational foundation, instill values that shape character and motivate students to reach their true potential.



Building a strong educational foundation, instill values that shape character and motivate students to reach their true potential.

We visualize bringing in efforts for the best academic, intellectual, physical and emotional growth of our students. This is therefore to be done, keeping in mind, other probable requirements that induce their practical approach, keeping up their existence as a reputed human being in the society. Helping them to be able to believe in others and in themselves before anyone else, we pave ways through which they could reach the best place in the world that is meant for them.

Providing high performing institution with all essential elements that could initiate life-long learning experiences in safe and friendly environment; we consider it to be our mission to extend quality education to every desirable student. Further, our major concern is to help them recognize their personal goals and train them well enough to accomplish all of them.


Featuring a different horizon.

Considering ourselves to evolve as the best school in Pune, we induce our functioning with all the best elements you may expect. We provide students with all the necessary equipments and well-established environment to learn grow.

You would not only want your children to get better in subjects they study but emerge as more sophisticated living beings in the future stepping out with clearer and more acceptable approaches towards life and work. If you were in search of best CBSE School in Pune, Phoenix World School would never fail to establish a recognizable place for itself.


We equip our institution with ultra-modern amenities and essentials that would help improving their abilities to learn and attain better interest for the same. We bring them a competitive and holistic learning environment with the state-of-art infrastructural development.



We consider your children to be our responsibility. Keeping this in consideration, we put in all our efforts to create a safe learning place for them. All of the students’ activities are continuously monitored under high-end CCTV cameras. Also, we incorporate most appropriate rules and regulations to ensure students’ safety in the school premises.



We ensure to follow the CBSE curriculum, designed with expertise by considerable authorities. The academic curriculum is therefore highly preferable for better academic performance and intellectual growth of students.



The perfect teacher-student ratio that we maintain makes us a reliable CBSE school in Pune. We don’t operate with limited number of teachers but have enough members in our faculty to be able to handle students well.



Our school not only focuses on making the best of academic sessions but we also conduct some more interest grabbing activities that include sports, art and crafts and other literary, extra-curricular activities for the development of children from all perspectives.



We understand the fact that classroom studies are not enough to let children develop to the fullest. To help them grow in a friendlier way within intellectually and technically evolving surroundings, we make sure to organize some probable events and competitions that could help them explore newer aspects of their talents. These events and competitions will let them pursue life like a celebration and not a burden.